About us

Our company

Office Berry is a young company that launched in… Since our inception we have secureda fair sized client base supplying not only stationery, but also marketing and media tools, also personal protectiveequipment (PPE) and so much more. We consider ourselves a “one stop” IT, stationery providerand satisfying client demand.

During our short existence we have already become known locally and we have a growing client base thanks to our greatpersonnel and dedicated belief in client satisfaction. We have managed to gather some fantastic clients whom we supplywith a wide variety of goods. We are happy to source and supply anything we can, helping clientssee us as a single source supplier.

Some of our current clients range from Micro Enterprises right through to Corporate and Industrial clients found in theirrespective sectors.

Our mission

  • To maintain customer orientation as a key focus and to establish strong interpersonal links with customers.
  • To network with established suppliers and to maintain an enduring coherence with them.
  • To ensure that all manufacturing processes are environment friendly.
  • To be socially responsible to all involved with the company.
  • To utilise human resources in the most effective and efficient way. In order to optimise productivity,human resources need to be sufficiently catered to, and treated in a highly proficient manner